ControlPoint "Integer", was founded in 1994, is a seller of electronic article surveillance (EAS) products. With more than 15 years experience and advanced technological expertise in the installing of Radio-Frequency and Acoustic-Magnetic EAS products, our company install hungrets systems per year.

Our company is located in Stalowa Wola (2 hours driving from Kraków, 3 hours driving from Warszawa, 1 hours driving from Rzeszów) which is currently one of top companies in Poland.

We offer a wide range of electronic surveillance article products including RF/AM deactivator, RF/AM hand verifier, lanyard 17cm, pins, magnetic detachers, self alarm devices (spiderwraps), our project people counter, display protection devices.

We have EU TAX ID, we working also in Slovakia, and ship EAS System to other countries.

All product has CE, ROHS, PSE etc.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and warmly welcome to contact us to start benefit cooperation.
Firma PPHU Integer
Telefon tel. +48 600 034 124
tel. +48 604 638 672
tel. +48 158 444 863